“Kenchan” 100 SAKE All-you-can-drink


Over 100 Types of Grateful and Famous Sake from Across JAPAN

There are over 1000 SAKE breweries in Japan, they makes more than 14000 brands of SAKE.
In reality, most SAKE is NOT so good taste, because of their own history.
A few breweries can make Grateful and Famous Sake, like Grate WINE in France.

It’s too much difficult to purchase those Grateful SAKE,.

Our collection of SAKE are ALL Certified the value by SAKE master in Japan.
Everyone are surprised for seeing our SAKE collection.

Why can we collect the Great SAKE?

We have Long relationships and friendship with a SAKE specialty store, all that are top 10 of Japan.
They have specialized knowledge, and also have BIG relationships to Limited and Great SAKE breweries.

You know KURAND? We can’t recommend It, so it’s fake sake shop.

We start “All you can drink sake" ORIGINAL system in 2013.
They secretly copy all our systems, pricing, etc, in 2015.
BUT they CAN NOT collect GREAT SAKE.

Self-Serve Style Without Having to Keep an Eye on the Clock or Your Wallet

At Kenchan there is no need to keep an eye on the clock because our all-you-can-taste plan comes with no time limits. So that you can enjoy sake at your own pace we operate a self serve style where you simply select a sake from the fridge and pour as little or as much as you like. Lots of new discoveries await at Kenchan!

Bring Your Own Food or Pop Out for More

You can bring your own food into Kenchan which might include home-cooked fare.
And you can cooking yourself anything you want.
Sake always tastes more delicious when you pair it with food. It is just another dimension to the experience. Try pairing different types of food with different types of sake and find that perfect match.
Our flexible re-entry policy means that you can pop out to stock up on food at any time you like.

Ask Our Staff for Recommendations

With so much sake on offer, you might find yourself a little lost for choice. Don’t worry, our staff will be only too happy to recommend you something based on your preference. Our staff are well trained and knowledgeable, so they are guaranteed to find something to suit. They can also recommend some unique interesting ways to enjoy sake.

A Rich Selection of Umeshu and Japanese Liqueurs Crafted by Sake Breweries

As well as sake, our fridges are stocked with an assortment of rare umeshu and Japanese liqueurs, all produced by sake breweries. From the signature citrus fruit liqueurs including flavours like mikan (mandarin) and lemon, to yoghurt, chestnut, pumpkin and many more. They are quite sweet so better enjoyed as a digestif, a great way to refresh the palate after a session of sake tasting.

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